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Asset based lending is an attractive option for businesses who are in need of quick cash in an economy where banks are still not lending to small businesses. The problem with asset based lending that most business owners fail to understand is the risk of losing the assets you put up as collateral.

An Alternative to Asset Based Lending

But you have other options when your business needs quick cash. Here, at Amerifi Capital, we offer asset-based finance alternatives in the form of merchant cash advance. So, if you don’t want to risk your assets, come to us for help! With a merchant cash advance from Business Loaners, you pay as you go and get convenient, hassle-free access to working capital based upon an asset you may not have thought about and you don’t have to risk... future sales!

Unlike asset based lending, you do not have to put any company or personal assets as collateral to get quick cash for your business. And when you don’t put any asset as collateral, you do not run the risk of losing it. With a business cash advance you only pay a portion of the sales that your business makes. If you don’t make a sale, you don’t have to make any payments on your advance.

Our top priority is to help small and medium sized businesses in different niches obtain the working capital that they need. Our merchant cash advance is fast, easy, and seamlessly integrates into your current merchant processing system. And unlike an asset-based loan, you will not lose your assets if you go out of business. If your business is in need of quick cash and you do not want or do not have assets to put up as collateral for an asset-based loan, a merchant cash advance from Amerifi Capital is the obvious answer. We make it our business to help your business grow and become profitable once again. So, the next time you are looking for working capital, don’t think about risking your personal or company assets by turning to a financial institution for asset-based lending – try us! We know how important your assets are to you and your business, but we also know how bad you need the cash. With a simple and relatively short application process, you can get a business cash advance of up to $1 million without putting up any collateral.

Does Your Business Qualify?


If your business is in operation and can prove revenue with recent bank or merchant processing statements, you may qualify for a cash advance. Our approval rate for business cash advances is currently around 80%, so it’s fair to say your chances are great in securing the capital that you need from us. It only takes 24 hours to find out if you qualify for a business cash advance. So apply today by filling out the loan application or calling us now at (860) 467-2060

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