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Amerifi Capital is Americas Direct Funding Firm Specializing in Providing Capital for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.


Fill out our online application. It takes just a few minutes to complete.


We’ll follow up with you to finalize the process and set up your account.


That’s it! There is no Step 3! *Your Funds will be deposited into your account immediately!

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AMERIFI is a Direct Funding Firm
Funding Beyond 2nd Position
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Get Your Clients The Funds They Deserve.

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Are you in urgent need of funding but are coming up empty on all fronts? Amerifi Capital is here to help.  If you're in search of desperately-needed money to begin a new project, purchase new equipment, open a fresh location, or simply some extra cash for your day-to-day, we should be your first and only call.

Our small-business experts work with you over time to make sure you have all the help and support you need to make your business into The Next Big Thing. Amerifi Capital has worked with over 12,000 businesses and processed $1B in merchant funding.

The way we work is vastly different than how you may have obtained funding from your bank in the past. A perfect credit score or history is not required to gain funding, and zero collateral is requested. We will also set up a repayment plan tailored to you specifically, making the payments not only flexible but also affordable.


The most important reason why people have chosen us at Amerifi Capital in the past is simply because businesses are more likely to get approved for cash advances than bank loans. We excel in this area. After all, it's our reason for existing. And we handle each and every request as if it were a personal one.


let’s get started!

Paying attention to what our customers want and what they say is the most important value in Amerifi

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